Virtual Reality Doodle

Google Virtual Reality Doodle

This weeks doodle on the Google search page celebrates Georges Méliès, the French film director well known for his use of special effects. What is so special about this doodle is that it is the first one available in Virtual Reality. [Spoiler alert] It makes you turn in circles following the main character as he saves the girl and flies off in a trip to the moon.

A well done animation by the Google doodle team in collaboration with Google Spotlight Stories, Google Arts & Culture, & Cinémathèque Française teams and produced by Nexus Studios. It is available on 360º and VR compatible with Google Cardboard and Daydream using the Google Spotlight Stories app.

The use of virtual reality has been steadily growing and is slowly becoming main stream. This gives us the opportunity to present products or product features in an unique way surrounding the viewer with a virtual world lifting him or her from her own environment into our own virtual showroom without even leaving the house. How amazing is that? The possibilities that brings this technology are unlimited.

You can find more information about the Back to the Moon doodle on the Google spotlight stories page.

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