Adectum - Software Development for Mobile Applications

Hire me

If you are looking to hire me as a developer you can do this through Adectum. The Adectum project has as goal to form dedicated teams to develop custom software projects for anything related with mobile applications.

What can I do for you?

Any outsourcing project can be handled by me, or I should better say us. Like this you can keep your business objectives scalable. We can support your existing development team or completely take on the development project from start to end.

How does this work?

My personal strength lies in the Android, Java, PhP and JSON area combined with Quality Assurance, Analytics, Internet Marketing Strategies and Project Management. I have been involved in many software development projects for over 19 years covering ERP systems, Web Development and Mobile Application development. And this experience allows me take on any project.  Of course I cannot do everything myself so for any larger, or multi device development project, I form specialized teams of freelance professionals to keep up to speed and cover all technical knowledge necessary to complete the project to your needs.

I am interested how can I contact you?

Just drop me an email using this contact form on the adectum page and I will be in contact.