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Hi everyone. I just got my email hacked so sorry for everybody that received mail from my address and found his way to my website by following the from address in the mail, sorry but it was not my action. Somebody hacked my mail address and sent thousands of emails using my mail. Luckily my provider put a stop to it and we changed the mail access hoping that at least for a while it stops.

What can you do about somebody hacking your mail account?

Well there are somethings you can do. I have improved my password by making it much longer and using combinations that absolutely do not make any sense. That way any password searching software will have a hard time finding the password. Also be carefull with whom you share your details. Some apps or websites require data. Do not share your details unless it is absolutely necessary and you are absolutely sure it is save.

Can you make it a 100% save? Never! If you can enter, somebody else can also and I know from my experience that there are smart people out there that know how to enter in nearly any place they want.

Have a save time.

Are you struggling with traffic? I know I am. You can have brilliant ideas and publish a great looking website but with 100 visitors a day you will not earn a living. So for me the most important lessons I have learned is to first go where the traffic already hangs out and then build from there. “Nice idea Wim, but what does that mean?”. It means that you detect the main sites within your niche that already have the traffic. For example, if you want to start selling books, start out in Amazon. That is where your public already is and you have a chance to show yourself. Also try Ebay or any big wellknown site that already pulls in the traffic. If you are starting to earn some money, think of building your own website. Many people do it the other way round, but that is so much harder.

Next step is to build a list of loyal customers. Like this you can offer your customers what they are interested in. Do not spam of hammer with offers but build a relationship with your customer base and keep selling your products over and over using email marketing. It is not that much different than selling offline. You want the customers that come to your shop to be happy so that they will come back over and over. The most important rule here is to listen to your customer. Find out what they want and deliver. Oh…. it sounds soooo easy.

Sometimes I’d like to peek into the future. Just out of curiosity. How will the internet look like in the future? Will we have a facebook desktop? Will Facebook be the next search giant? Or will our machines work on a Google OS? Or maybe we will all be working on Google tablets and desktops will only be for designers and developers. Or will Amazon laugh at both Facebook and Google and keep growing and growing. Will Microsoft still exist? Will Apple be able to maintain it’s status?

Or maybe there will be something completely new, invented by a new brand. A new shining star. A game changer. Maybe we won’t use HTML based websites anymore and we will have a complete new set of standards. More flexible, even more user focused. Web 2.1? Or will internet marketing take over and steer the web to a more ad based platform? Will internet marketing own the internet? Will the fight over the user’s attention escalate into an internet war?

Wouldn’t you want to know? Are you not curious about how it would look like in for example 5 years, or even 10 years. I know I do. Look 10 years back  and see how much has changed. Don’t you just love the internet?

So the time has come. Since about a month I have my own Internet Marketing business. BForsite has officialy been launched. It is my one person business with total support of my wife Enkarna Ibáñez and Eva my 3 year old daughter. It is an exciting time during the economic crisis that brings a lot of uncertainty and unpredictable variables in the game. That however also brings oportunities which have to recognize and catch when you can.

BForsite has started as a one person business where I hire freelance professionals when I need specific work to be done. This may vary from technical work to design work or training. This keeps my business flexible at startup with low (or no) budget.

I have just finished launching my new product: InternetMarketingHechoFacil.com where I will share and provide information for PYMES, small and medium companies that want to make the step between offline Marketing and online Marketing. I will be following and sharing my progresses of my products with you in this blog.

Have a good day!